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Brian and Amy found themselves in San Francisco, asking themselves “What’s next?” and reflected back on the beauty, charm and warmth of Bocas del Toro from a past vacation.   They decided to make some changes, including selling their home and belongings and moved to tranquil lsla San Cristóbal to take over the magnificent Dolphin Bay Hideaway.

They were intrigued and inspired by the local community, the incredible diversity of sea life, plants, animals and the incredible natural setting of Dolphin Bay.  Moving to an “off-the-grid” Island without roads or municipal electricity or water also promised to challenge their beliefs in sustainability and environmental preservation.  

With extensive experience living and traveling abroad, Amy and Brian believe the spirit of the Hideaway is strengthened by the endless desire to ensure guests feel relaxed, comfortable, and among friends surrounded by the incredible biodiversity of the area. 

Not bad for a couple kids from Nebraska and Indiana, huh?

Our Principles

At Dolphin Bay Hideaway, we strive to live in harmony with our environment while still offering stylish comfort to maximize our guest travel experiences. We do have electricity for lighting, fans and charging devices, running cold and hot water, and clean and comfortable accommodations, we also minimize waste and adverse effects on our environment.

We collect our water through a rain catchment system, have a septic tank for waste, and our electricity comes from solar panels and a small generator. To help us conserve water and electricity, we will ask that you:

  • Request bed linens to be changed only when needed for your comfort rather than daily. (We do, of course, clean rooms every day).
  • Limit water consumption by turning the tap off when brushing teeth and when soaping hands. In dry months we might even ask you to do the same between lathering and rinsing in the shower.
  • Do not use any electrical equipment that requires a heavy load such as irons, hair dryers, hair curlers, etc.
  • Turn off all electrical appliances when leaving rooms, including lights and fans (except light charging devices).
  • Charge your laptop only during daylight hours whenever possible.

Dolphin Bay Hideaway

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