Zapatilla Island

The Zapatilla islands have the most beautiful white sandy beaches in all of Bocas. With the exception of holidays, few people visit Zapatilla #2 since it is further away than Zapatilla #1.  This is exactly why we prefer it as you can enjoy the surf and beach with fewer visitors.  If you prefer to stay out of the sun, plenty of shade is provided by the hundreds of coconut palms.  Be careful not to lay directly under the coconuts since dropping coconuts can really hurt!  If you preference is to stay active, you can continue swimming and snorkeling the nearby reefs. You can walk around the entire island in about an hour or wander down the wooden path that cuts the Island in half to enjoy the diverse vegetation and fauna. This island used to be a rest stop for Captain Morgan, the famous Caribbean pirate as well as other Buccaneers and Raiders (10% reference fee to us for any discovered treasure!).

There are no restaurants nearby so we pack a light lunch, beer, juice and soft drinks to enjoy on the beautiful beach and is included in our rate.

PRICE: $60 per person 

Dolphin Bay Hideaway

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