Starfish Beach

Starfish Beach at Boca del Drago is clearly one of the most beautiful and swimmable beaches in the Bocas area.  Located on the northwestern side of Isla Colon, the water is clear, the sand is gentle and there are starfish (just don't pickup or handle them please!).   With restaurants, chairs to enjoy and picturesque views of the mainland, this is a great day trip, and ideal for families with small children that require calm surf.   We provide options for you to get there.  From Bocas town you can ride a bus, rent bikes (beware: it's a tough ride), or take a taxi.  If you want direct access, we can arrange one of our captains to take you from the Hideaway to this tranquil gem. 

Option 1 - * if scheduled boat trip to Bocas, no transportation fee and self-obtained taxi/bus ride to beach. 

If NO scheduled boat trip to Bocas, to/from Bocas and self-obtained taxi/bus ride to beach

PRICE: $40 each way 

Option 2 - rate includes transportation to/from Starfish beach, snorkel equipment and beach towels

PRICE: $120 Total


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