San San Pond Sak – view the Manatees

A trip to this humedal (wetlands) is a full day eco-adventure.   Typically the goal and highlight of this journey is to see the Manatees, but you’ll encounter other abundant wildlife.  We begin early, departing off our dock around 7AM for a boat trip to Almirante.  Once there, you’ll ride in a cab past the town of Changuinola to this protected area.  You’ll start with an orientation talk by the incredible work the rangers and volunteers do to help save this precious wetlands ecosystem.   You then set off on a small boat down the San San River where your guide will point out local wildlife, including many species of birds, green iguanas, sloths, caiman and others.  

You’ll reach the beach where rangers will point out the leatherback turtle hatchery..  Every night, rangers and volunteers walk the beach and when a nesting turtle is spotted, the eggs are collected and relocated for protection and research until the turtles hatch and are safely returned to the ocean. 

On schedule, your guide will lead you to the manatee viewing platform.  Here, you will be required to adhere to a strict silence policy while waiting for manatees to arrive.   The rangers place bananas and banana leaves to help entice these majestic animals closer for viewing. Hopefully you’ll spot these endangered animals and after 2 hours, you’ll return by boat to the visitor center.  As the manatees are endangered and the total number is unknown, you may spend two hours waiting in silence without spotting them.  If you have difficulty sitting in silence, bring a magazine or book to page through quietly and let the ranger alert you to their arrival. 

Note: There is a park provided lunch available, or you can have lunch on the way back in the town of Changuinola (lunch is not provided on this tour). 

PRICE: $95 per person (minimum 4)



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