Bat Cave and Red Frog Beach

We take you to Bahia Honda on the Island of Bastimentos. You will embark on a traditional wooden dugout "cayuca" and a local guide will paddle you up a winding creek. Along the way you’re surrounded by a mangrove forest with dozens of bird species along with caimans, sloths and other animals. Once landed you head off on foot through an old Cocoa farm with white faced monkeys and sloths that come to feed on the fruit. You may see the famous red, orange or blue-jeans dart frogs. After a 20 minute walk you get to the mouth of the bat cave. Here you can venture in a little ways and observe the bats that inhabit this cave. If you wish you can walk in deeper where you'll see interesting rock formations, an underground stream and natural pool. After the short walk back you depart on the dugouts for your return journey down this beautiful winding waterway.

Price: $50 per person 

Dolphin Bay Hideaway

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