Things to do at Dolphin Bay

Dolphin watching

You can paddle yourself out on the kayaks, stand-up-paddle boards or canoe, but you can often see the dolphins close to the dock without even getting out of your hammock. There is no “best time” they are most likely to appear as they are permanent residents in the bay and can surface at any time.

Bioluminescent Algae

On very dark nights, before the moon comes out or while it’s behind cloud cover, we often see these amazing organisms in the bay. It is worth the short walk to the water’s edge to observe them. You can stir the water with a paddle/stick, jump on the dock, go for a swim or just sit in the total darkness and pay attention.

Yoga and Exercise

The over the water Rancho and garden Pavilion provide perfect platforms for yoga or exercise sessions amid the sounds of the jungle and views of Dolphin Bay out front.  


Get out on Dolphin Bay with our kayaks, stand-up-paddle boards, or fiberglass canoe.   This is a good daytime activity, but for the more adventurous, a night paddle is the chance to see the bioluminescence out further on Dolphin Bay.   Paddling is also an easy option to reach the nearby restaurant for their awesome fish or chicken tacos.  


In our garden you will find endless species of plants, flower, butterflies, bird and amphibians posing for the perfect picture.


It is a lot of fun and safe to swim off the front dock, even at night to experience the bioluminescence up close.  You will find beach towels, snorkels and rafts to take in the beautiful Caribbean water, but there is also a small plunge pool for those of you who don't prefer salt water.  

Bird Watching

Even if you don't go anywhere and just sit on our veranda, you will get to see many different species of birds that visit the surrounding trees and garden. Take a look at our bird pamphlets, guide books and use the binoculars to help you identify the birds you'll see.  You will also get the meet Victoria the family parrot.


Vacation for many includes lots of relaxing.  Our Veranda, over the water Rancho and garden Pavilion provide perfect spots for spending the day reading, talking with other guests, having a couple cocktails or just taking many naps in a hammock.  


We can offer in room or on site massage service.   Service is subject to the availability of masseuse and advanced bookings are recommended.

PRICE: $30 per hour

Dolphin Bay Hideaway

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